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Blogging is More Important Than Ever for Your Brand

I am a subscriber and fan of Brian Clark’s blog, Copyblogger.

Today, he re-posted one of his “classic” posts from 2007, Are You Someone Else’s User-Generated Content? I urge to click on the link. He gives the reasons, much better than I can, about why every entrepreneur and company needs a blog, no matter your size.

With your own self-hosted blog, you create and own your content, as I’ve written in several previous posts here: A Blog as the Centerpiece of Your Social Media Strategy and The Reports of Blogging’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated.

Fellow star blogger Darren Rowse summarized it perfectly in his statement that when someone gives up a blog he’s in effect saying, “I now have a brand on someone else’s property….”

You don’t want that, do you?

When You Don’t Have a Clue What to Write for Your Next Blog Post

If you’re a blogger then you probably know about Brian Clark, founder of the popular copyblogger blog.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

He’s also a successful entrepreneuer, creator of two WordPress themes, and Scribe, the SEO plugin. He also gives courses on internet marketing. He’s no doubt raking in megabucks. Good for him.

He just posted his first infographic and kindly gave his readers the code to embed. It’s called “22 ways to create compelling content.” You can see it when you scroll down this post. Read More→

Building and Engaging a Loyal Community From Scratch: How Danny Iny Scrambled Up the Firepole

Less than a year ago, I happened upon the blog of Danny Iny. He and I became online friends. I wrote a post for his site Firepole Marketing and he wrote a post for Write Speak Sell.

Climbing the Pole

"Danny Iny"

Danny Iny

Little did I know that I was engaging with a shooting star of social media. Danny has blown me away with his strategy of engaging and building a loyal community of followers.

He went from zero followers in less than a year to hundreds of thousands who have read the dozens of guest posts he’s written for his own site and for ProBlogger, copyblogger and many other top-ranked blogs.

Danny’s Story

Danny tells the story of how he did it his new book Engagement from scratch, in which he has enlisted leading authors and bloggers to contribute chapters on audience building. I highly suggest that you read it if you are trying to build an audience. I’ve certainly learned a lot. Read More→