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The Morphing of Journalism and PR Professionals into Content Marketers

The term “content marketing” wasn’t the buzzword that is now when I wrote a post four years ago about the convergence of the roles of communications professionals.

I wrote then, “Maybe the terms advertising, public relations, publicity, promotion and direct response should be consigned to the compactor. Those words just don’t seem to work in the new online communities that are forming like runaway amoebas. How about new terms like collaborators, community builders, prophets, enablers? Or maybe one word that summarizes everything we are: communicators.

I still believe that except now instead of being called communicators, we are being reinvented as content marketers.

The Rise of PR

A thought-provoking post from Software Advice in The B2B Marketing Mentor makes a solid case for the blurring of roles between journalists and PR professionals. The reality is that very definition of these jobs is changing. While the role of traditional journalist is shrinking, PR jobs are increasing as shown in this graph. The role of content marketing is increasing faster than either journalism or PR. Read More→