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Customer service at a fine restaurant

Happy to be Seated 45 Minutes Late for Dinner

It’s easy to criticize restaurants because often the experience is so unpleasant. Delays in being seated, long waits for food to arrive, and waiters with scarce knowledge of the menu.

But recently friends and I had dinner at one of the hottest restaurants in New York and we were happy to be seated 45 minutes late for dinner. Read More→

The U.S. Post office won't give me my mail

The U.S. Post Office Won’t Give Me My Mail

I’m getting to be an old grouch. Seems like every time I turn around something else goes wrong. I live in an apartment building and the tenants pick up their mail from mailboxes that are located next to the elevator in the garage.

For the past year, I’ve turned the key in the lock and — voila! — there is my mail. Until yesterday. My key stopped half way in and I couldn’t make it budge. I tried my spare key and even used WD40 thinking that might help. No such luck.

I learned to my dismay that the U.S. Post Office (USPS) won’t give me my mail. Read More→

Endangered customer; customer service, Richard Shapiro

8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business

The other day I stopped by Lowe’s to have some keys made. Nice greeting by the clerk at the checkout counter but when I got to Aisle 13 not a soul was in sight. I walked around looking for an associate and, not finding one, I yelled, “Anyone here to make me some keys?”

A head poked up behind a counter in the hardware section revealing a sales person who walked around to the key desk, where I was standing. No hello; no “sorry to keep you waiting.” Another customer soon approached him and asked a question.

My guy just threw up his hands and shrugged. I jokingly told the other customer, “He’s the key man right now.” No smile or acknowledgment from the key maker. Read More→

Brands need to improve Customer Service l

To Order a New Service Press 1 – Again and Again

Technology is killing me. If you have a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or GPS – and that’s likely – then you have no doubt experienced menu hell when calling your service provider for help. Technology may be killing you, too.

I just moved from New York to Florida, which necessitated a change in all my providers. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has gone right from the get-go.

Consumer Friendly Brands Will Win

Over the coming years, as technology becomes ever more pervasive in our lives, the brands that excel in customer service will be the winners. Read More→