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Why Won’t the Banks Accept My Money!

It was the weirdest feeling. Walking around Manhattan with $8,000 in my purse and no place to put it. Did you know that banks don’t accept cash? No kidding. I know this to be a fact because I called my own bank and they turned me down.

I’m No Money Launderer

Here’s how I got myself into this mess. I had four very (very) old Series EE bonds and decided to redeem them to pay my taxes. I bank with a brokerage firm – you know, one stop banking except they don’t have branches like consumer banks. Read More→

How to Lose An Online Sales Lead by Poor Service Offline

Customer serviceBooks have been written about it and a veritable army of advisors is touting the strategies to lure potential customers to your online storefront. That’s the first part of the equation.

What do you do when it’s time to go offline and make the sale?

First Impressions Count

More than ever shoppers are surfing the web for the products and services they need and often that’s where they will make the purchase. Read More→

Brands need to improve Customer Service l

How a Tweet Got Action (Finally) From a Social Care Rep

A utility can run but it can’t hide from a disgruntled customer. Actually, utilities are hiding in plain sight on social media networks. According to Nielsen’s The State of Social Media Report, customers are increasingly turning to social networks for customer support, or as Nielsen calls it, “social care.” I can attest that this approach can work, when other communications channels — like calling customer service on a phone — break down.

Twitter to the Rescue

Just recently a good friend and business colleague moved to another house just a few miles from where he had lived before. It seemed simple enough to have his phone and cable service move with him.

But, no. AT&T became his only option for phone service and Cablevision waffled on whether it could supply service to the location where he now lived.

After getting the run-around from various phone reps, he called me to vent. Being a social media aficionado, I told him I’d check to see if AT&T had a customer service account on Twitter.

Voila, they did, @attcustomercare. Below is my tweet stream that resulted in AT&T calling him and fixing his problem. Score one for social media and AT&T!

Read More→

Why Nobody Likes You

It’s frustrating when you work so hard to write interesting blogs and updates to your social media sites and no one responds by “liking” your Facebook page or retweeting your posts.

Nobody Likes You

Why don't people like you?

The content that you thought should get a bunch of comments and “likes” land with a thud.

Possibly you expected the search engines to send you a bunch of traffic because you optimized the post with all the right key words and it’s a subject that’s been in the news.

So maybe you should ask yourself this question.

Do You Like Other People?

Be honest and ask yourself: “Have I thanked the people who have commented on my posts?” Only you know the answer to that question. How often do you “like” other people’s posts and retweet their content? Read More→