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Reflections on the Role of the Corporate Social Strategist

[tweetmeme]In an earlier post, I wrote about Jeremiah Oywang’s widely publicized study, Career Path of a Corporate Social Strategist. Many bloggers weighed in on the findings with their own analysis of where the social strategist fits into organizations.

Social Media in Organizations asked me to review the reflections of seven thought leaders on the study’s findings and the future of social media leadership in organizations. For their commentaries and my reviews, please visit S.M.A.R.T. News: The Corporate Social Strategist. Included are a post by Oywang himself on the findings and implications for the future, plus my comments on posts by Brian Solis, Jay Deragon, Gia Lyons, David Armano, Steve Raddick and Scott Monty.

Thanks to Courtney Hunt, the founder of Social Media in Organizations for inviting me to write on this important topic.