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Hurricane Irene Got Me Thinking – About Thinking

"Official U.S. Navy Image of Hurricane Irene"

Official U.S. Navy Image of Hurricane Irene

Everyone along the East Coast is frantic because Hurricane Irene is about to upset everyone’s plans for the weekend. But I’m looking forward to it. Yes, for real.

Governors have declared a state of emergency. And for the first time in my memory hospitals and nursing homes are going to be evacuated in some parts of New York City. I’m truly upset about the damage to life and property that Irene is likely to cause.

Time to Think

On the other hand, instead of taking the train to Connecticut on Sunday to visit friends, I’ll be forced to stay home. I’m stocking up on necessities like food, water and extra batteries. I may even be cut off from the world if we lose power – but I have a lot of candles. I’m actually looking forward to a free day that I hadn’t planned. Of course, I could do client work or write my next blog. But that wasn’t on my agenda for Sunday, so why should I do it?

No, instead I’m going to spend my time thinking – about my life, the future, how I can bring more balance into my life, and what makes me happy so I can do more of it.

I’m Tired of 24/7

Do you realize how most of us have gotten into the 24/7 routine of working, socializing and making business connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and all the rest? Our minds are always racing.

Will it be possible to restrain myself from taking a peek at my emails? I hope so. Time is so precious and we have so little of it that isn’t programmed with things to do.

I thought about going online and finding a book or article about how to think productively. Someone must have written about how get the most out of thinking. But I decided not to. I’ve just decided to hunker down on the couch and let my mind wonder where it may.

So delicious. I can’t wait.