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EMC Promotes Employee Engagement on Social Media as Good for Business

It pays to read the comments under articles in your favorite publications. The Wall Street Journal published an article recently entitled Your Employee is an Online Celebrity: Now What Do You Do? and I was dazzled by one of the responses.

The main point of the article is that employees are building their own brands on social media while also representing their company’s brand. The Journal lays out the pluses and minuses for companies. As those of you who follow my posts know, I’m a firm believer in engaging your employees as brand advocates.

I was about to leave a comment under the article when I noticed quite a long comment from Chuck Hollis, who writes that he is a “co-branded employee at a global technology company that encourages and supports social proficiency as a win/win for everyone.” That company is EMC Corporation, a $20 billion global cloud computing organization. In the humorous and informative video below, EMC describes why it’s important for companies to partner with its employees on social media. Read More→