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Employee Engagement in 6 Words

[tweetmeme]You wouldn’t think you could define employee engagement in 6 words, but the Employee Engagement Network did its best in an eBook by that name that’s just been published.   You can download it by going to the group’s site.

The idea came from the memorable 6-word story written by Ernest Hemingway: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Those 6 words packed a real wallop — what was the back story; why weren’t they ever worn?

Employee Engagement Network members were asked for their definitions and over 120 members responded with their 6 words.  Of course, I contributed.  There were many really great definitions and I couldn’t list them all here.  But these are 25 that I found memorable:

v Treat people like people, not subjects.

v Engaged employees aren’t recruited, they’re created.

v Your individual genius helps us excel.

v I value your contribution, every day!

v Trust and empowerment creates engaged colleagues.

v Together we can change the world.

v Education + entitlement + enablement equals real engagement!

v Bring out the best in people!

v Opportunity: Customer available – engaged applicants preferred.

v I truly want to be here.

v Respect diversity. Foster collaboration. Honour commitments.

v Why engage employees? To engage customers.

v What legacy shall we create together?

v Feeling respected and connected. Great workplace!

v Potential is limitless when people care.

v Engagement begins with the employee experience.

v Give employees clear goals to accomplish.

v Determine and communicate outcomes, then empower.

v Organization success: it’s the people, stupid!

v Value your people. Reap the rewards.

v Adding value, being valued. That’s it!

v I asked, you suggested, we conquered.

v Can I help you to improve?

v Purpose, partnership, passion; in that order.

Now, dear readers, I invite you to comment with your 6 words that define employee engagement.