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Performance Appraisal

Most Performance Reviews Are a Big Fat Waste of Time

The annual performance review stinks. It’s one of the most dreaded and inefficient uses of time that I can think of.

The manager has to scrounge up his recollections of specific good and bad things to discuss. The employee – or agency, if it’s a client review – dreads the thought that he’ll be told he did a lousy job and there is a pink slip in his future.

Quantum Workplace, an HR consulting firm, published a post not too long ago suggesting questions to help measure and boost employee performance. But in my view they were still too generic.

There has got to be a better way – and there is. Read More→

12 elements of employee engagement

8 Myths About Employee Engagement

As you know, if you read my blog regularly, employee engagement is high on my list of imperatives for a corporation to succeed in the long run. Employee engagement is something many companies talk about but few do it effectively.

Maybe that’s because company leaders don’t know what really motivates and makes employees happy and more productive.

Same Old, Same Old

I just tallied the number of views and downloads for my four SlideShare presentations about employee engagement: 16,120 views and 280 downloads. That indicates to me there is a lot of interest in the topic. The presentations were posted over the past five years but, sadly, not much has changed for the better in that time. Read More→

Gallo employee engagement via mobile app Social Chorus

Engage Employees as Brand Advocates on Their Mobile Devices

If you want to reach employees nowadays, then engage them on their mobile devices. We know that companies are scrambling to adopt strategies that will capture customers on their smart phones, so why not treat your employees like customers and reach out to them on their smart phones, too?

Sharing Content

A number of recent studies show that mobile has surpassed desktops and laptops as the preferred source of sending and receiving information. Research also shows that the majority of your workforce wants to receive company information via mobile app. Read More→

The wired water cooler is no substitute for face time

There is No Substitute for Face Time

You’ve noticed, of course, that many employees are working from home these days. These virtual employees avoid long commutes and the company saves money on office space. This trend accelerated over the past few years. It seems everybody wants to work from home.

As I wrote several years ago, companies are creating online communities where employees can pull in the information they need when they want it and engage in conversations with other employees.

But these communities are no longer working so well. The “wired” water cooler where employees gather for conference calls or video get-togethers isn’t the same as rubbing shoulders with someone at the actual office water cooler and popping into a colleague’s office to shoot the breeze. Read More→