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3 Reasons Why the Facebook News Ticker is So Powerful

Scott Bradley

The past week Facebook rocked the social media world with innovative changes to their site. One of the most notable changes, the Facebook news ticker, is a brand new feature that has been added to the top right of the homepage.

The news ticker is a powerful new tool that takes the experience that you have on Facebook to the next level.

Just this one change has made Facebook a much more open network, allowing you to engage with people you haven’t friended.

In this post I am going to describe the three main reasons why this new feature is something that makes the Facebook platform even more powerful than before when it comes to marketing your products and building your personal brand.

 1) Easily Monitor Your Friends’ Activity

The most useful feature of the news ticker is that it allows you to see what your friends are doing on Facebook. You can monitor where they are leaving comments, what they are liking, and the links they are sharing with their network of friends. Being able to easily monitor your network on Facebook enables you to stay on top of what your network is doing, the conversations they are having, and what interests them most.

What I term the “Reactive Discovery Process” that the newsfeed now brings to the table makes using Facebook with your friends not only an enjoyable experience, but also one that can help your business.

When you log in to the platform, and monitor what your network is doing through the news ticker, it is like opening up a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to find. This newfound discovery process will help to enrich the relationships you have, and, of importance, enable you to make new ones over time.

I have also found that it helps to rekindle old friendships that you once had on Facebook because it is showing the updates from everyone in your network in real time.

2) Real Time Strategic Engagement

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The news ticker enables you to join a conversation when it is really hot, and in doing so expose yourself to those who are participating in the conversation who don’t already know you. By engaging in a conversation that is hitting the news ticker, you can stand out in the discussion.

This strategic activity promotes your personal brand and profile for other people to find you, and learn more about how you and your company can help them.

For example, just by engaging in this specific activity the past week, I received an e-mail in Facebook from someone who wants to talk about hiring me to manage the company’s social media strategy and implementation. I have a call with them this week.

Now you are offering relevant, insightful comments when your network and your friends are talking in real time. This will lead to more real-time engagement, compared to just seeing a story in the newsfeed posted by one of your friends hours ago.

3) Friends See Your Activity Elsewhere

In my view, this is by far one of the most powerful reasons why the news ticker is really changing the game for Facebook users. Just as you can see the comments your friends make on their networks status updates, your personal network can see your conversations with other Facebook users as well.

By seeing where you are commenting, what you are liking, and what you are saying when you engage with others in your network or around Facebook, your network can be pulled into the conversations.

Your ticker conversations increase your viral exposure beyond your regular post/status updates. By broadening your conversations to the ticker, you are reaching more people who will want to engage with you and learn how you can help them.

Leaving thoughtful comments within conversations, and knowing that your current network can see your activity at the same time, will gain you more trust and credibility. This can lead to your becoming a go-to resource for information and potentially spark client relationships.

Another important benefit is that Facebook no longer bars people who aren’t your friends from commenting on your status updates. This is huge because it opens up a whole universe of potential new connections. Someone new can also see the activity of your friends in their news ticker, which brings them to the real-time conversation. It creates a “snowball effect of engagement” for one post.


I recommend you spend at least 15-20 minutes per day on the new Facebook news ticker to strategically engage in conversations or posts of your own network and other new people you want to meet. Be consistent. Be out there engaging in conversations. You will find more people are paying attention to you and what you have to say.

These conversations will bring you more business, clients and brand advocates. And that’s the reason for engaging in social media, isn’t it?

Scott Bradley is the founder of Rapid Results Marketing Group, a marketing firm committed to helping entrepreneurs create effective marketing that generates positive results. He is also the creator of the Weekend Reading For Entrepreneur and Marketers Newsletter, a newsletter helping business owners stay on top of key internet trends and showing how they can profit from them in less than 5 minutes per week.