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The 5 Magic Keys to Employee Engagement

Employees will feel engaged if the company asks them to coalesce around an important goal, such as increasing revenue and profits, right? If the company succeeds, employees will be rewarded and feel valued. That’s seem logical on the face of it.

But management consulting firm DecisionWise says that goal not going to inspire employees to work harder or be more productive. Based on their years of advising companies on employee engagement surveys, 360-degree feedback, leadership, and organization development, the firm has identified what it calls the 5 Magic Keys to employee engagement. Read More→

12 elements of employee engagement

The 12 Elements of Employee Engagement

What does it take for employees to feel engaged? Based on in-depth research involving millions of employees over the years, The Gallup polling organization identified 12 core elements of employee engagement that predict performance.

I wrote about this several years ago, and since then many companies, including industry leader Pfizer, Inc., have created global employee communities using the newest web technologies. Through internal networks, smart organizations are actively engaging with employees — and enabling them to engage with their peers — as part of a global team pulling together for the company.

The 12 Elements of Engagement

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