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Can You Trick Search Engines to Get the Information You Need?

As you sit at your computer – or laptop, tablet or smart phone – can you trick search engines into sending you the information you want and need?

Social networks are filtering the posts you see in your stream. You’ll first see a Promoted Tweet card or a Boosted Post on Facebook. Most of us know that. Read More→

Social media networks

Did Someone In Your Company Force You To Read This Blog?

Are you here because you want to be or because someone in your company forced you to “get with it” on social media?

Over time I’ve had conversations with several business executives and been surprised (actually more shocked than surprised) to learn that they were closet social media illiterates.

Social Media Is Here to Stay

Before you decide to move on to another site, be warned: social media is here to stay and you owe it to your business to learn how it could produce results for your business.

Here are several of the excuses I’ve heard: Read More→

Has Google Killed Organic Traffic?

Google organic traffic hummingbird

Is organic traffic important to you?

Seems counter-intuitive to write that but it’s been the subject of chatter among the social media literati since Google’s “hummingbird” update late in 2013. It’s no doubt harder to get traffic than when I started blogging five years ago.

But consider this: on Friday I had more visitors to my blog than ever before. This past week was the first week in five years that I didn’t publish a blog post (family emergency). Go figure. Read More→

A Primer for Sharing Your Content on Google+

"Google+ increases your page rankingIf you are new to Google+ or perhaps not yet a guru, some things may not be completely clear to you. Maybe you could even call them a little “muddy.” I know that is the case with me.

Sure, I have been on Google+ for a while. Connecting with people, sharing content (both mine and others), commenting on posts and the ol’ favorite the +1. Gotta do some +1s!! But sometimes we make social media mistakes. Usually because we don’t entirely understand the platform or how people use it. Read More→