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A Primer for Sharing Your Content on Google+

"Google+ increases your page rankingIf you are new to Google+ or perhaps not yet a guru, some things may not be completely clear to you. Maybe you could even call them a little “muddy.” I know that is the case with me.

Sure, I have been on Google+ for a while. Connecting with people, sharing content (both mine and others), commenting on posts and the ol’ favorite the +1. Gotta do some +1s!! But sometimes we make social media mistakes. Usually because we don’t entirely understand the platform or how people use it. Read More→

Why Google+ is Essential for Your Brand’s Visibility

"Google+ is good for business"

Emma Fox

Call it sucking up to big G or moving with the times, but the Google+ boat is one you shouldn’t be missing!

You may be aware of pros (growing user base) and cons (deriding their usage) from SEO experts but the overall trajectory is steady upward growth.

On the one-year anniversary of Google +, the company reported:

  •  250 million accounts have upgraded to or signed up for a Google+ account
  •  150 million accounts are active every month
  •  50% of its users sign in every day
  •  On average, 12 minutes a day are spent in the Google+ stream

While Google+ is not yet as big in terms of users as Facebook and Twitter, Google is throwing its full weight behind it. Read More→