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Guidelines for Write Speak Sell Guest Blog Posts

Since writing this post sometime ago, I have refined these guidelines. Please click on the tab “Guest Post Guidelines” for the newest version. Thank you.

I’ve been thinking that I should establish guidelines for guest posts on my blog, and have been tooling around the web and reading the guidelines of other folks who accept guest blogs. I wrote about this earlier and said I’d be drawing up a list of guidelines, so here they are.

It’s not that I’m such a big shot that people are clamoring to write for me and I’m holding them off with a stick. No, it’s more that I want to avoid miscommunications or hurt feelings when I receive a guest post (which I most likely have requested) and it’s not quite right for my blog.

These are not engraved in stone, so I’d appreciate your suggestions.  Here goes:

  1. The post needs to align with my brand:  social media and business writing that sells. Is your blog relevant to my audience?  I reserve the right to make exceptions. Sometimes a piece is so good, even if it’s a little off the subject, that I’ll run with it.
  2. It should be from 400-1,000 words with an image supplied by the author, plus the author’s head shot..
  3. It needs to be well written (I know this seems obvious) and grammatically correct.
  4. Every guest post by definition is self-promoting but it can’t be an outright sales pitch.
  5. No affiliate links.
  6. Internal links should be limited to your own blog and to sources that support the article’s main points.
  7. My preference is for an original article. I’m agreeable to considering blogs that were previously published if they are chock full of information that would benefit my readers. But I need to know in advance so I can indicate the original source of the blog. The blog can’t infringe on anyone else’s copyrighted material.
  8. If I use a guest post, which links back to the author’s site, I’d appreciate a link back to my site.
  9. The author’s bio should be about 50 words with a link back to the writer’s site.  It will go at the bottom of the post with a possible comment by me.
  10. If a guest post on my site receives comments, then the author should respond to each one.  It’s only common courtesy
  11. It would be hard to think I wouldn’t publish a post because it doesn’t meet my criteria, but I do need to reserve that right.

So, what do you think? Anything to add?