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If it Walks Like a Duck, etc., is it a Duck? Not According to Samsung

I thought the 25” HDTV I recently bought was a TV. How silly of me. Just because a TV behaves like a TV does not make it a TV, according to Samsung, the manufacturer. Hmmm.

To make a long story short, a cliché I know I should avoid as a writer, my cable box and what I thought was my TV are not talking to each other. After two new cable remotes, my cable provider told me the TV is only sporadically receiving the infrared signal from the remote. Hmmm.

I called Samsung and was told I really don’t have a TV; it is a monitor, so they can’t send someone to fix it. They could, if it was really a TV. Hmmm.

I tried to explain that just because they classify this whatchamacallit as a monitor, an ignorant consumer like me still thinks it’s a TV. If it walks like a TV, and talks like a TV, it is a TV, by my reckoning. Hmmm.

Of course, I could send it back to Samsung where they could apparently fix it (of course, the box it came in is long gone). The polite technician I talked to is going to call me back. She’s trying to find someone there who will allow her to classify it as a TV.  Hmmm.

You see words do matter. When will companies learn to understand how their customers think and behave and the words they use? Come on, Samsung, do the right thing and send someone to fix this whatchamacallit.