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Ideal Clients: What Every Business Wants

My colleague Jeff Simpkins recently wrote a post, Ideal Clients, that was quite touching in its definition of an ideal client.  Jeff is CEO of Community Bank Consulting and Book Yourself Solid and here is what he said:

I am currently leading a group through a program called Book Yourself Solid.  The program is based on the book of the same name written by Michael Port.  I have modified the work for community banks and am seeing amazing results!

I have been a teacher/instructor, consultant/coach for nearly twenty years.  One of the things I love most about my work is when I am reminded how helping others be successful teaches me as much or more than I am teaching them.

I was working with someone earlier today on an exercise in which we describe our ideal clients.  Here is an answer I received:  “When I am working with an ideal client my heart overflows with warmth and love for them.”

It’s sometimes easy to forget that we do our best work when our hearts overflow with warmth and love!

Wishing you only ideal clients!