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There are no big ideas or small ideas only powerful ideas

There Are No Big Ideas Just Powerful Ideas

It’s true. Just think about Coke’s Big Idea of some 30 years ago. The company decided to change Coca-Cola’s formula and launched New Coke. Fans of old Coke were so enraged that the company completely backtracked. It’s considered one of the biggest blunders in corporate history. Little ideas we don’t hear about for obvious reasons.

As the creative director at my old agency often said, “There are no big ideas, or little ideas, only powerful ideas.” Read More→

Ben Franklin Was Full of Ideas – So Are Your Employees

"Personally, I'm glad he invented bifocals"

Personally, I'm glad he invented bifocals

[tweetmeme]The creative director from an agency I worked for used to say, “There are no little ideas or big ideas, only powerful ideas.” I wrote in a post last week that the Journal Register Company was saved from extinction by powerful ideas – from its own employees.

Key was that each team member of the IdeaLab had a specific assignment. Telling someone to “make the business better” is too fuzzy. While some tasks may seem small (but powerful), they all added up to a plan that saved the company. Now that’s real power – in the hands of the new community of employees that includes the CEO.

Here is the link to The Ben Franklin Project – a Bold New Experiment that lists the discrete task of each employee. No doubt more have been added since that post.

Does your company have a similar kind of program? Would love if you shared how it works by commenting below.