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How Infographics Can Create Compelling Content for Your Blog

Infographics can create compelling content for a blog

Emma J. Fox

Pictures can communicate ideas with more impact than text, and that’s why infographics have become so popular.

Infographics are entertaining, engaging, visually appealing, and have better recall value than a blog post with all text.

But, from an SEO and business marketing perspective, do infographics really benefit your blog? Yes, they do.

Why Infographics?

Infographics have several key advantages. They can: Read More→

When You Don’t Have a Clue What to Write for Your Next Blog Post

If you’re a blogger then you probably know about Brian Clark, founder of the popular copyblogger blog.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

He’s also a successful entrepreneuer, creator of two WordPress themes, and Scribe, the SEO plugin. He also gives courses on internet marketing. He’s no doubt raking in megabucks. Good for him.

He just posted his first infographic and kindly gave his readers the code to embed. It’s called “22 ways to create compelling content.” You can see it when you scroll down this post. Read More→

Do Infographics Clarify or Mystify?

Have you noticed that infographics have become the rage?

According to that trusty source, Wikipedia, information graphics, or infographics, are graphic visual representations of information…that present complex information quickly and clearly.”

A lot of infographics are useful, like this Washington, D.C., subway map that helps you to figure out the correct train to reach your destination.

"Source: Wikipedia"

Source: Wikipedia

But I’ve become bleary-eyed trying to figure out most infographics. Arrows and winding paths through mounds of graphic designs leave me dizzy and confused. I get lost in the maze of information most of the time. Read More→