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The wired water cooler is no substitute for face time

It Isn’t So Lonely Around the Water Cooler

Working virtually from home, at least part of the time, has become the norm in many companies. The more senior you are the more likely you have the authority to decide when and where you work.

Working virtually no doubt has its benefits: no long commute on the train, flexible hours, problem solving in your pajamas.

It’s gotten so prevalent that companies don’t even have offices for a lot of their staff and do “hoteling.” You call ahead and reserve an office when you absolutely must be there.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

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Engaging Your Employees So They Don’t Hate Work

Make  me happy

Make me happy

A New York Times article about employee engagement – or the lack of it – got a lot of people talking this past week. The headline Why You Hate Work sure was a grabber.

Employee engagement is a particular passion of mine. My SlideShare presentations on this topic have received over 12,000 views and 175 downloads. To me that indicates a lot of interest. But, as the Times authors point out, there is a lot of talk about engagement but not much happening.  Read More→

12 elements of employee engagement

The 12 Elements of Employee Engagement

What does it take for employees to feel engaged? Based on in-depth research involving millions of employees over the years, The Gallup polling organization identified 12 core elements of employee engagement that predict performance.

I wrote about this several years ago, and since then many companies, including industry leader Pfizer, Inc., have created global employee communities using the newest web technologies. Through internal networks, smart organizations are actively engaging with employees — and enabling them to engage with their peers — as part of a global team pulling together for the company.

The 12 Elements of Engagement

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Building Online Communities Around the Wired Water Cooler

With so many employees working virtually and scattered around the globe, is the water cooler extinct as a place to exchange ideas? Well, maybe in person, but the wired water cooler is emerging as a force in employee engagement.

Companies are creating online communities where employees can pull in the information they need when they want it and engage in conversations with other employees.

How empowering – employees expecting their companies to serve up information that is interesting, entertaining, useful and, most of all, authentic. If it doesn’t smell right, they will know and vent online with each other. Welcome to the new world of the wired water cooler! Read More→