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Why You Need to Raise Your Clout With Klout

If you haven’t been paying attention to your Klout score lately, maybe you should.

"Klout measures social influence"Your low score as a social influencer may kick you out of contention for a job or a consulting gig.

What is Social Influence?

If you rely on what friends or experts online say about a product or service before making a purchase, that’s social influence. They influenced your decision to buy.

In a recent article, FastCompany reported on the power of social influence: “81% of U.S. respondents (in surveys) said posts from their friends directly impacted their decision on purchasing something, and 80% or respondents said they’d tried new things based on suggestions of friends.”

According to Klout, I’m an influencer in Blogging, Writing and Entrepreneurship. Those are my niches so should I be worried about my score if I don’t care about influencing, say, forest rangers? Read More→