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Klout Announces New Scoring Model

In my previous post about having more clout with Klout, I decried the skimpiness of their scoring model. Well, Klout has just announced a new scoring algorithm.

"Klout measures social influence"You can click on the link for more details but here is the paragraph that stood out to me:

More Data, More Often

We have increased the number of social media signals we analyze from less than 100 to more than 400. We have also increased the number of data points we analyze on a daily basis from 1 billion to 12 billion. All of this additional data helps us deliver a more accurate Score for everyone on Klout.

For further analysis of what this means to you, here is commentary from MediaBistro’s All Twitter newsletter and here is Mashable’s take on the new scoring system.

My own Klout score went from 36 to a respectable 51. I’m not sure this is attributable to the new scoring metrics or because I was reconnected to LinkedIn (link had been broken) and my Facebook business page.

Take a look at your Klout score? Did it go up?