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What Does it Take for a CEO to be a Successful Leader?    

It’s hard to pinpoint the particular traits that enable CEOs to become successful leaders. They’re different, like you and me, coming from a variety of backgrounds without a single common denominator.

Nonetheless, a New York Times reporter has found a number of similarities in leadership styles in his interviews of CEOs for a weekly column called Corner Office in the SundayBusiness section.

Ten years and 525 columns later, Adam Bryant wrote his last column in yesterday’s edition and disclosed the lessons he learned about how to be the Big Boss.

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Characteristics of a successful leader

Does the President-Elect Possess the Qualities of a Global Leader?

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States has many people thinking, and even obsessing, about the qualities required to be the leader of the free world.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked for good and bad leaders. I’ll open with what I consider a leader’s primary duty – to communicate his or her vision for the organization.

Some experts would say this is the second step in being a leader; first comes the vision. But without communications across, up, down and outside the organization, a leader’s vision will never be realized. Above all, a leader needs to be communicating a clear and consistent message. Read More→

What Makes a CEO a Successful Leader?

"Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg"The golden boy of social media is teetering on his throne. That would be Mark Zuckerberg, 28-year-old founder of facebook.

Since the company went public last spring, the stock has fallen from its opening high of $38 to below $10 last week. It’s rebounded, but not by much. There are calls for Zuckerberg’s head. NBC-TV quoted a guest as saying “Zuckerberg should step down.” Another stated, “The game has changed.”

Is Zuckerberg a Good Leader?

The New York Times wrote in an article about facebook’s tumble, “Some of the scrutiny has been on Mr. Zuckerberg’s leadership. The very qualities that created the fairy tale aura around him, including his youth and ambition, are what even his admirers are questioning.” Read More→