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Build your business and brand on LinkedIn

How You Can Build Your Business and Brand on LinkedIn

As I’ve built my business, two digital tools have been invaluable: my blog and LinkedIn. I was heartened to learn in a recent survey that of the Fortune 500 CEOs who use social media, 70% choose LinkedIn as their one social network. So LinkedIn is definitely where I want to be active and maybe you should be, too.

Can You Get Business?

linkedin-58Almost everyone I encounter who is finally getting serious about LinkedIn asks me the same question: Have I gotten business directly from LinkedIn?

The short answer: Yes. My participation on LinkedIn does bring in queries and revenue that continues to grow. Mostly, members ask for my help in defining their brands and updating their Professional Headlines and Summaries. Read More→

LinkedIn Reaches 300 Million Users Making Business Connections

"Linkedin HR: Resources Speaks Out"The official LinkedIn blog reported last week that this social media networking site had reached 300 million members. You may not know that LinkedIn was the very first social network – founded in 2003. Facebook followed in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and that latecomer, Google+ in 2011.

How Times Have Changed

LinkedIn doesn’t come close to Facebook’s 1 billion+ users, but it is just as powerful in servicing its niche of “professional” members. LinkedIn, in my view, is the go-to network for making business connections that can lead to new business. Read More→

Why You Should Edit the Headlines in Your LinkedIn Discussions

LinkedIn Discussion HeadlinesA fellow blogger wrote to me a while ago asking how she could edit the headline when she shared her latest post as an update on her LinkedIn profile or in a Group discussion.

There’s a good reason why you should edit your headlines, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Most bloggers I know use the “share” button under their post or the LinkedIn icon in Digg Digg, the floating share bar that enables your social media icons to ride alongside your content when a visitor scrolls through your site (see left).

Remove “Blog Post”

When you automatically post to LinkedIn the discussion headline will read “Blog post.” There is nothing inherently wrong in distributing your posts to Groups – most of the time. Read More→

Update on Social Media Certification — the Pros and Cons

As you can see from the comments under my recent post Is a Certificate in Social Media Necessary and Worth the Price?, professional certification is a hot topic.

"social media certification"I decided to start a discussion on several LinkedIn Groups and asked, “Do you think social media professionals should be certified?”

I received dozens of comments – most were in favor of some sort of certification – but exactly how it would be structured and who should do the certifying was up for grabs.

I did learn about at least three other current programs. San Diego State University and San Francisco State University offer social media certificates. The Social Media Academy offers a Social Media Strategist Certificate.

Of course, there were naysayers, who thought certification was a waste of time and that your work should speak for itself.

Read More→