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How to Network, Find a Job and Build Relationships on LinkedIn

If you want to find a job, LinkedIn is the go-to social network where you can network, build relationships, and trawl its vibrant job board. The largest brand-name companies and recruiters regularly post jobs on LinkedIn. They will find you if you don’t find them first.

A Primer for Your Job Search

LinkedIn really works. Major national companies identified two of my friends through a key word search. My friends weren’t even looking but they accepted the better-paying, more important jobs. But you won’t be found if your Profile isn’t up-to-date. And not including a photo is sure to be a turn-off. Read More→

Build your business and brand on LinkedIn

How You Can Build Your Business and Brand on LinkedIn

As I’ve built my business, two digital tools have been invaluable: my blog and LinkedIn. I was heartened to learn in a recent survey that of the Fortune 500 CEOs who use social media, 70% choose LinkedIn as their one social network. So LinkedIn is definitely where I want to be active and maybe you should be, too.

Can You Get Business?

linkedin-58Almost everyone I encounter who is finally getting serious about LinkedIn asks me the same question: Have I gotten business directly from LinkedIn?

The short answer: Yes. My participation on LinkedIn does bring in queries and revenue that continues to grow. Mostly, members ask for my help in defining their brands and updating their Professional Headlines and Summaries. Read More→