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Does Your Company Have a Social Media Director?

Does your company have a Social Media Director to manage the company’s social media strategy?  That’s a question I posed in a LinkedIn Poll last month.  With 22 responses, it is hardly scientific, but it was telling, nonetheless.

For detailed results by age, gender, job function, company size, and job title go to LinkedIn.  Overall results,

Yes    18%
No    36%
In the planning stages    18%
Haven’t thought about it      4%
I wish we did but no plans at this time    22%

The greatest number of responses was “No,” more than twice as many as said “Yes.”  Almost a quarter wished their company had a social media director but there were no plans for one.  Isn’t that too bad – social media is fast becoming the dominant communications channel in business, but many companies are still behind the starting line when it comes to establishing a strategic social media presence.

Here’s the kicker:  by age group, 100% of respondents aged 18-24 worked for a company with a Social Media Director.   That’s a wake-up call for companies that are resisting the new media world.  Your future leaders are joining the competition that are already on the social media band wagon.  Beware!