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Did You Miss These Changes in Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you noticed the changes in your LinkedIn Profile over the past year? Some were subtle and others more noticeable, such as enabling you to add a colorful graphic header.

The LinkedIn Blog is an excellent source for news about LinkedIn, particularly regarding changes to Profiles. I decided to look through last year’s updates and picked out several noteworthy ones that you may have missed.

In December, LinkedIn unveiled its new home page design. The new dashboard gives you instant feedback on how you’re doing. Read More→

Build your business and brand on LinkedIn

How You Can Build Your Business and Brand on LinkedIn

As I’ve built my business, two digital tools have been invaluable: my blog and LinkedIn. I was heartened to learn in a recent survey that of the Fortune 500 CEOs who use social media, 70% choose LinkedIn as their one social network. So LinkedIn is definitely where I want to be active and maybe you should be, too.

Can You Get Business?

linkedin-58Almost everyone I encounter who is finally getting serious about LinkedIn asks me the same question: Have I gotten business directly from LinkedIn?

The short answer: Yes. My participation on LinkedIn does bring in queries and revenue that continues to grow. Mostly, members ask for my help in defining their brands and updating their Professional Headlines and Summaries. Read More→

Stand Out With a Video in Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn videosIs your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? Would you be embarrassed if a potential employer or client visited your profile and found a blank space where your photo should be and a skeleton of a profile? That’s not how you want to present yourself to the business community.

LinkedIn has firmly established itself as the network for business professionals. Companies are searching for candidates to fill important positions. Potential clients are reviewing company and personal profiles when they’re researching consulting firms. Read More→

Too Many Members are ‘Responsible’ on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has published the most overused words by members in 2013, in its fourth annual survey. Topping the list is ‘responsible.’ Luckily I had deleted that overused word from my profile last year, when the word only ranked #8 in the U.S.

According to LinkedIn, ‘responsible’ was used more than twice as often as the number two buzzword, ‘strategic.’ Only four of the top buzzwords from 2012 made the list in 2013: ‘creative’, ‘responsible’, ‘effective’, ‘analytical’. Words from the previous year that that didn’t make the cut this year are: ‘experimental’, ‘motivated’, ‘multinational’, ‘specialized’.

Maybe people are just too tired from working 24/7 to be motivated much anymore and don’t have the time to be experimental.

As usual, LinkedIn didn’t provide any definitions, which could prove helpful in finding substitutes for your profile. So here are mine and please feel free to use them. Drum roll: Read More→