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#Nike “Owns” Millennials on Instagram

You may have read the recent news that Twitter is shutting down Vine.  As The New York Times reported, one theory why is that “Instagram ate it.” The photo sharing site owned by Facebook has 500 million users and is growing exponentially, especially among Millennials.

Twitter launched Vine three years ago and has made rock stars of users who do back flips, balance stacks of things on their heads and amuse tweebs in 6-second videos. Now these stars are migrating to Instagram and other larger platforms where companies like Nike are luring in viewers, as reported in a recent study by UMass-Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research. Read More→

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Millennials Want Financial Advice – on Their Terms

It’s impossible to ignore millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000. They are the largest generation in U.S. history, numbering nearly 80 million.

And, although they don’t have significant assets today, it’s projected millennials will control $7 trillion in liquid assets by 2020 and likely inherit more than $40 trillion from their parents and grandparents.

Over the last year we have studied millennials; reviewed the research, interviewed them (including financial advisors who are millennials) and considered their impact on our industry. Read More→

Millennials Likely to Use “Buy” Button on Facebook and Twitter

Millennials continue to be the driving force behind social commerce because of their passion for social media, according to the latest study conducted by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The infographic below illustrates their social commerce usage.

The study provides an in-depth look at current purchasing habits and trends of Millennials using three of the most widely used social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Millennials themselves identified the lead conversion tactics they respond to. Read More→

Facebook Network of Choice for Millennials to Interact with Brands

Brand word on vintage car license plates, concept signMillennials prefer to interact with brands on Facebook by a wide margin over Twitter and Pinterest, according to a new study by UMD Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts.

This new study is at odds with a recently-released study by Princeton University that received widespread press coverage. The academic study states that Facebook will lose 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017. Researchers analyzed the adoption and abandonment dynamics of online social networks, citing the rise and fall of MySpace. They claim the dynamic that torpedoed MySpace is Facebook’s destiny, too. That’s the future (or maybe not). For now, Facebook is still king. Read More→