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Naked Marketing Or I’ll Do Anything for Your Vote

Will you vote for me? I won’t quite do anything — the headline is a teaser.

Danny Iny, the founder of Firepole Marketing, has started a program called Naked Marketing and he invited several of his former guest bloggers (like me) to give him a shout-out. I did in my last post, Why Nobody Likes You. I was glad to do it for Danny, because, as I wrote, it’s all about giving back.

Danny has featured my post on his site — along with the other bloggers. I didn’t know it was going to be a contest, but I’m always game for competition.

So, scroll down until you see an unhappy smiley face Firepole Marketing Naked Marketingand give me a thumbs up — please.

Seriously, I’ve printed Danny’s list here because there are several excellent posts on marketing that you might like to read by clicking on the blue links. If you want to join Danny’s Naked Insiders Marketing club he’s listed that first (of course). Thanks, everyone!

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Why Nobody Likes You

It’s frustrating when you work so hard to write interesting blogs and updates to your social media sites and no one responds by “liking” your Facebook page or retweeting your posts.

Nobody Likes You

Why don't people like you?

The content that you thought should get a bunch of comments and “likes” land with a thud.

Possibly you expected the search engines to send you a bunch of traffic because you optimized the post with all the right key words and it’s a subject that’s been in the news.

So maybe you should ask yourself this question.

Do You Like Other People?

Be honest and ask yourself: “Have I thanked the people who have commented on my posts?” Only you know the answer to that question. How often do you “like” other people’s posts and retweet their content? Read More→