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The Endless Debate: Will Your Audience Read Long Content?

Will readers read long copy or short copy?

John Caples famous ad

They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play!

This is no doubt one of the most famous advertising headlines in history, written by the direct marketing expert John Caples in 1926.

The long-copy ad was designed and written to solicit correspondence course students for the U. S. School of Music.

The full-page ad was dense with content – several hundred words filling the entire page. Then, as now, the debate raged about whether people will read long content.

Fast forward to today: should blogs and other social media content be short or long? Read More→

Are Social Media Search Engines More Relevant Than Google?

social media search engines are the new SEO

If you don’t subscribe to Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog I suggest you do. He is one of the original thinkers on all matters social and SEO. I quoted him just a few posts ago about Google’s newest algorithm and whether keywords counted anymore. Now he’s made a convincing case about Why Social is the New SEO. Read More→

Has Google Killed Organic Traffic?

Google organic traffic hummingbird

Is organic traffic important to you?

Seems counter-intuitive to write that but it’s been the subject of chatter among the social media literati since Google’s “hummingbird” update late in 2013. It’s no doubt harder to get traffic than when I started blogging five years ago.

But consider this: on Friday I had more visitors to my blog than ever before. This past week was the first week in five years that I didn’t publish a blog post (family emergency). Go figure. Read More→

Is Your Website Losing Visitors and Lowering Your Website Ranking?

Is the load time of your website driving visitors — and Google — away from your website? Neil Patel, the young and wildly successful internet entrepreneur who writes the Quick Sprout blog, illustrates the consequences of load times on website rankings in the infographic below.

The ideal load time for a website is 2 seconds or under. Google offers a program called PageSpeed designed to optimize the performance of your website. According to Google, and they should know, “Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.” I checked out PageSpeed and it really is geared more to developers, although I did test the load time of my site while I was there.

My Website’s Performance

Here are the results that show my current load time at PageSpeed is 7.292 seconds. Read More→