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Networking can lead to new business

The Art of Networking That Gets Results

Summer will officially begin in a couple of weeks. Do you feel that’s a time to slack off on your business? After all, most potential clients will be away on vacation anyway.

But networking is year-round. And there is an art to doing it right as author Andrea Nierenberg advises in her new book Networking That Really Works.

It’s possible to meet people everywhere. They may not be prospects themselves but could be connected to others who are. You need to leave yourself open to the possibilities. Read More→

Joshua Bell

Do You Exist if No One Recognizes Your Brand?

I’d love to be famous for a day — reveling in the accolades of fans, with assistants responding to my every wish and making more money in a day than some people make in a year.

But does fame guarantee that everyone will know who you are and appreciate what you do? Do you have a well-defined and recognizable personal brand? Read More→

Find a job on LinkedIn have a robust profile search their job board

How to Network, Find a Job and Build Relationships on LinkedIn

If you want to find a job, LinkedIn is the go-to social network where you can network, build relationships, and trawl its vibrant job board. The largest brand-name companies and recruiters regularly post jobs on LinkedIn. They will find you if you don’t find them first.

A Primer for Your Job Search

LinkedIn really works. Major national companies identified two of my friends through a key word search. My friends weren’t even looking but they accepted the better-paying, more important jobs. But you won’t be found if your Profile isn’t up-to-date. And not including a photo is sure to be a turn-off. Read More→

How to Network, Build Relationships & Find a Job on LinkedIn

"LinkedIn to network & build relationships"LinkedIn is the essential business network for every professional. If you do belong, you need to be active and cultivating relationships. If you don’t belong, you should join now and begin to build a professional profile that will burnish your personal brand and help you to reach your business goals, whether that’s to develop new business or find a new job.

What You Need to Know

Below is an expanded version of a presentation about LinkedIn that I gave for a Bea Fields’ Become a Blogging Maniac class. It provides an overview of the key features of LinkedIn and how you can leverage this social network to your benefit. Read More→