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8 News Media Business Trends for 2010

These trends are reprinted from “ Mashable, the Social Media Guide,” By Vadim Lavrusik

With the news industry struggling to find new revenue streams that can reshape their broken business model, 2010 will be defined by experiments in news media monetization. This will also include content that is guided more than ever by the audience and ad revenue.

This coming year we will also see the results of news organizations putting pay walls up, as well as new experimental models like accepting Web donations from readers — some of which may prove to be successful. Below are eight emerging news media business trends to look for in 2010.  For more detail, go to Mashable for descriptions and images.

  1. Social Media Monetization
  2. Revenue Beyond Advertising
  3. As Publications Fold, Others Become Lean and Mean
  4. Growth in Hyperlocal and Community Models
  5. Local Advertising Grows
  6. Local Advertising Models Emerge
  7. To Charge or Not to Charge?
  8. The Fremium Model