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Write for Readers Who Consume Web Content in an F-Shaped Pattern

F patternThose of us write copy for the web can get so fixated on keywords  that we don’t often think of how our readers consume our content. It’s good to remind ourselves that readers – unless they are totally committed to as subject – will rarely read an article all the way to the bottom.

We tend to scan for the important points. That’s why bulleted lists do well and so do subheads to break up dense copy. A study about reading patterns also confirmed that your most important content should be included in the first paragraph or two. That’s why the SEO mavens urge you to place your keywords early in your content.

The F-Shape

In a well-publicized study several years ago, Jakob Nielsen with the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG), examined how people read web content. Researchers conducted eyetracking visualizations demonstrating that users often read web pages in an F-shaped pattern: Read More→