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Should Google Tamper With its Brand for the Olympics?

[tweetmeme]Have you noticed – how could you miss it – that the familiar Google logo is nowhere to be seen on the search engine’s landing page?  Instead, a soft green Google logo, with a sports figure matching the day’s events at the Winter Olympics, has replaced the colorful one that about a billion searchers see each day.

If you’re a sports fan, you may love it.  But a lot of people actually hate it (OK, maybe my friend is not representative of the universe).  They want the familiar Google.  And, remember, not everyone is a sports fan.

But there is a larger issue here:  should a company tamper with its brand identity when it is the category leader?  That’s putting it mildly for Google.  Yet, we’ve seen damage inflicted on companies that tied their brand to a celebrity and/or a particular sport when things turned sour (read Accenture and Tiger Woods).

On the other hand, the Olympics generate a tremendous amount of excitement and pride in the athletes and their countries.  That can provide a “halo” effect for a company like Google.

So, what do you think?