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Creating Squeeze Pages, Product Launch Pages and Sales Letters is Easy

[tweetmeme]I’ve subscribed to Dave Kaminski’s “Web Video University” tips for quite a while and have found them to be very useful.  I want to share a recent tip in which Dave describes – and actually shows – how it’s possible to create many page designs for video squeeze pages (to capture new email subscribers), product pages and sales letters with a new WordPress template called Optimize Press.  It’s really quite amazing.   Once you input the information everything else is done for you.  No HTML to learn or anything.  Here is Dave’s short video describing how the new template works.

So if you are selling something or trying to build a list, I’d strongly urge you to stop by Dave’s site and then visit the developer, Optimize Press.  Dave gives vivid examples and his video is much shorter and user friendly.  But you can get more detailed information at the Optimize Press site, even though the tutorial is a little dry.  Cost of the template is $97.

A version of this post first appeared in The Bloggers Bulletin LinkedIn group.