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What Happens When the “Rent Free” Option Dies on Social Networks?

The free ride may be over for many entrepreneurs who have built their businesses on social networks. There’s been a brouhaha brewing in the last couple of weeks about yet another Facebook change in policy that will kill free product plugs in your Page News Feed.

Organic Traffic in a Deep Dive

Facebook is clamping down on small business owners that have used their feed to post updates about their products and services. It was obviously a free form of advertising. But Facebook claims these posts clutter feeds with content that people don’t want to see.

So effective January 15, according to Facebook, “Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.Read More→

Has Google Killed Organic Traffic?

Google organic traffic hummingbird

Is organic traffic important to you?

Seems counter-intuitive to write that but it’s been the subject of chatter among the social media literati since Google’s “hummingbird” update late in 2013. It’s no doubt harder to get traffic than when I started blogging five years ago.

But consider this: on Friday I had more visitors to my blog than ever before. This past week was the first week in five years that I didn’t publish a blog post (family emergency). Go figure. Read More→