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LinkedIn has changed its Profile template

LinkedIn Finally Gets Your Profile Right

LinkedIn is my primary social network and, having just celebrated its 15th birthday, has finally gotten the design of member Profiles right.

Over time I haven’t been happy with several of LinkedIn’s changes, especially when a few years ago they decided to hide your contact information. They eventually undid that gaff by moving it in small type to the right of your Profile. But the new Profile design gets my thumbs up  Read More→

Joshua Bell

Do You Exist if No One Recognizes Your Brand?

I’d love to be famous for a day — reveling in the accolades of fans, with assistants responding to my every wish and making more money in a day than some people make in a year.

But does fame guarantee that everyone will know who you are and appreciate what you do? Do you have a well-defined and recognizable personal brand? Read More→

Does Your Personal Brand Reflect Who You Are and What You Do?

Attributes that go into your personal brand

Evaluating your personal brand

Branding is important for you and your company. With the explosive growth of social media, it’s more important than ever to project a brand consistently across all the social media channels where you are active. What is a brand, anyway? A brand is what an individual or organization wishes to be known for. It is an inside-out process.

You can’t have a viable brand without understanding your positioning. Positioning is how an individual or organization and the services provided are perceived in the minds of your target audiences. It is looking from the outside in. Read More→

The 5 Essential Qualities for a Technologist’s Personal Brand

Technologists are perhaps the least aware of all employees of the value of having a personal brand.

More important to them is getting a project done on time, completing development, going from test to production or ensuring the business has signed off on requirements.

Transcending Boundaries

"Personal brand for technologists"

Frank Faeth

Technologists need to transcend the perceived narrow boundaries of their job descriptions and develop a brand that communicates the value they add to the organization.

Today, brands are no longer the sole domain of companies. An individual’s brand is just as critical in promising value and trust to others in the company.

Tom Peters, the well-known author of “In Search of Excellence,” writes: “What is it that my product or service does that makes it different?” Translating this into personal branding, what do you do as a provider of technology services that makes you stand out and compel someone on the business side to work with you? Read More→