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Blogging to write a book

The Art of Branding a Blog to Write a Book 

Branding a blog to write a book makes perfect sense because blogs are an integral part of brand building. Regular posts function to establish the authority of a business or person within a given marketing niche. So why not transform that established expertise into a book that could eventually be self-published to sell online or offer at speaking engagements?

A focused blogging path is one where what is written frames a discussion important to building a brand. Over time, a thoughtfully branded blog will contain regularly scheduled posts under a subset of topic categories. Consistency is important in meeting subscribers’ expectations. Read More→

Are You Your Own Best Brand?

Brand word on vintage car license plates, concept signIf you’re a business owner, are you your own best brand?

When you first started your business did you decide to use your own name or choose a different name that reflects the product or service you’re selling?

Maybe you’re well-known in your field and it made sense to use your own name. Or, possibly you just wanted a name that would stand out like techcrunch. Read More→

A Fuzzy Personal Brand Didn’t Help Jill Abramson Duck the Axe

Personal brand Jill Abramson New York TimesJill Abramson, the first female Executive Editor of The New York Times, was summarily fired this week. That made news on the front page of the Times and has the media pundits out in full force as they analyze why she got the axe.

The Times coyly stated that it was “an issue with management in the newsroom.” The Times wouldn’t let its sources on a breaking news story get away with that non-response.

Funny how publisher Arthur Sulzberger clammed up when it was the Times in the news. That’s not what a Times reporter would write about the ouster of a high-ranking executive in a Fortune 500 company. Read More→

6 Ways to “Brand” Yourself to Success Even if You’re Just Starting Out

Steven Fabian personal branding

Steven Fabian

What are the most effective ways to get your visitors to like and trust you?

According to Site Pro News, you only have 8 seconds or less to convince the average web surfer to stay on your site.

If you’re like most bloggers, you’re crushed to learn that after all the hard work you put into a post, you have only eight seconds to impress visitors.

Don’t despair. You’re not completely defenseless. Here are 6 strategies that are effective in capturing the interest of your readers, pulling them deeper into your content… and finding your brand irresistible! Read More→