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How a brand intersects with all these communications channells

Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?

Companies evolve and change over time. When was the last time you refreshed your brand promise? Does your brand represent your company now or who you were? If you haven’t thought about this lately, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is our brand still relevant?
  • Are we retaining customers and attracting new ones? If not, why not?
  • Do our customers understand and buy into our brand promise?
  • Does our visual brand create excitement and interest?
  • Does our brand represent who we are now or who we were? 

My colleague Carol Smith, president and creative director of Creative Source, and I discussed branding and addressed these questions yesterday in a presentation to the New York Society of Association Executives. (See our presentation below). Read More→

A Fuzzy Personal Brand Didn’t Help Jill Abramson Duck the Axe

Personal brand Jill Abramson New York TimesJill Abramson, the first female Executive Editor of The New York Times, was summarily fired this week. That made news on the front page of the Times and has the media pundits out in full force as they analyze why she got the axe.

The Times coyly stated that it was “an issue with management in the newsroom.” The Times wouldn’t let its sources on a breaking news story get away with that non-response.

Funny how publisher Arthur Sulzberger clammed up when it was the Times in the news. That’s not what a Times reporter would write about the ouster of a high-ranking executive in a Fortune 500 company. Read More→

Does Your Personal Brand Reflect Who You Are and What You Do?

Attributes that go into your personal brand

Evaluating your personal brand

Branding is important for you and your company. With the explosive growth of social media, it’s more important than ever to project a brand consistently across all the social media channels where you are active. What is a brand, anyway? A brand is what an individual or organization wishes to be known for. It is an inside-out process.

You can’t have a viable brand without understanding your positioning. Positioning is how an individual or organization and the services provided are perceived in the minds of your target audiences. It is looking from the outside in. Read More→

The Difference Between Branding and Positioning

[tweetmeme]The web has become the preferred source of information about your company.  It’s a fact.  That’s where your employees, customers and prospects are getting their information about you.   So, it’s more important than ever that your brand attributes and key messages are communicated in language that is clear, concise and compelling. Nothing less than your reputation is at stake if you get it wrong.

Name Brands

A bottle of Coca-Cola.

Image via Wikipedia

When we speak of brands a few immediately jump to mind:  Coca-Cola, the world’s most valuable brand, Google, and Facebook, for example.  Coca-Cola has been around forever and built its brand over time.  Google was launched in 1998 and quickly became the leading search engine.  It’s a noun and a verb when you “Google” something.  Facebook is a Harvard case study of how a company built a global brand in the space of six short years (by co-founders who attended Harvard).  Facebook is ubiquitous.  Does anyone need to explain what Facebook is?  The brand is crystal clear.  Nowadays, brands are built and destroyed in Internet time.

Individuals have personal brands too.  Oprah, Elvis and Sting are three entertainers with such recognizable brands all you need to hear is their first names to know who they are and the values they represent.

The word “brand” has come to have many definitions.  When you are building your brand it is important to use a common vocabulary so that you and your colleagues are working from the same script.

What is a brand?

•    A brand is what an organization wishes to be known for.  It is a pro-active strategic process to establish the direction, leadership, clarity of purpose and inspiration for the organization’s mission.  It is an inside-out process.

What is positioning?

•    Positioning is how an organization and the services it provides are perceived in the minds of its target audiences.  It is looking from the outside-in.  The challenge is to have your brand and positioning in alignment.

What is corporate identity?

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•    Corporate identity is the visual expression of the organization’s name, logo, and tagline.

How do you define a brand, positioning and corporate identity?