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Is a Certificate in Social Media Necessary and Worth the Price?

PR News, a trade publication for public relations professionals, just announced the launch of its Certificate in Social Media.

PR News Certificate in Social MediaPR News is a respected newsletter that has been published for many years. My question is this: do professionals utilizing social media need to be credentialed?

The program debuts June 20-21 at the publication’s Social Media Summit. By laying out $1,390 to attend this two-day summit you earn eight credits towards certification.

Attend three more summits for a total of 32 credits and you’re certified. That’s a pretty hefty price tag.

Who Establishes the Standards?

Normally to become certified in a profession you must meet certain minimum standards that demonstrate your mastery of the discipline. You also need to successfully pass a test or assessment administered by a professional organization, state or university. Read More→