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Can a Nameless Solution Solve My Problem?

[tweetmeme]I don’t like to pick on companies that are no doubt providing valuable services. But I cringe as if hearing chalk on a blackboard when companies advertise that they provide solutions. Solution is one of the most overused words. Solution is defined as the act of solving a problem.

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How does a real company that named itself “Company Solutions” fix my specific problem? They claim, “To provide our clients with the highest level of service at the best price. Our clients are the cornerstone of our business and we always welcome the opportunity to service them.” I still don’t know what they are selling. And I would certainly expect the company to provide excellent service at a good price.

Here are a couple of more notable examples: “Welcome to Innovation Solutions. The Right People in a People Business.” Really? Finally we’re getting someplace with “Tire Company Solutions.” At least we know they’re in the tire business. Or I think they are. But specifically what problems do they solve?

There are four basic measures of performance: Quality: how the service is performed. Quantity: how much you get. Time: how long it takes. Price: what it costs. You obviously can’t get all these attributes into one company name or tagline.

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But I sure do understand what I get from these companies: Best Buy Liquor and Rock Bottom Air Fares. I think I’ll give them a call.