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Should You Fiddle With Your Brand by Renaming Your Company?

Hightail brand name change

The old

Hightail logo

The new

You can imagine the anguish companies experience when they decide to change their names to more accurately reflect the services and products they’re offering.

Will the new name convey the company’s new direction? Does it mean something offensive in a foreign language? Will customers go elsewhere? Does it accurately reflect the brand?

Or sometimes a company will change its name because the old one has negative connotations. Philip Morris (smoking and cancer) became Altria.

Should You Change Your Name?

I was prompted to write this post when learning that the trusted YouSendIt is now Hightail. Most of the company’s 43 million customers use the service to share large files. One-time use was free – I’ve used it to email large files or PowerPoint presentations. It’s a great service. Read More→