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Employee “Welcomers” are Key to Good Customer Service and Repeat Business

Companies know through research and personal experience that good customer service is the secret to retaining and attracting new customers. Yet many companies don’t do it well, as Richard Shapiro, a client retention expert, says in his new book The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business.

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Richard Shapiro

They haven’t identified those employees — whom he calls “welcomers” — who are especially adept at engaging with customers so they buy over and over again.

Welcomers are essential to bricks-and-mortar retailers and to providing online customer service where it can be more difficult to provide that personal touch.

Secrets to Repeat Business

Shapiro shares his own experience as a teenager in his father’s haberdashery store. His father had the gift of being interested in customers as people.  As Shapiro says in his book, “What I learned then  is…customers are people first and customers second.” The Welcomer Edge describes how to make first time customers into repeat customers. Read More→

10 Tips to Build Your Business and Improve Customer Satisfaction

"Richard Shapiro, President, The Center for Client Retention"

Richard Shapiro, President, The Center for Client Retention

National Customer Service Week is being celebrated from October 3-7. I have a question: are you delivering the best customer service you can? That is the key ingredient to generating repeat business, increasing customer satisfaction, and building your company.

A company’s front line employees can be an organization’s “secret” competitive advantage to securing repeat business.

Too many companies don’t understand that while delivering excellent customer service is the key ingredient for repeat business, it’s that special personal relationship between customer and employee that provides the link between customer satisfaction and customer retention.

The service delivered by front line employees must be viewed as the first step in the journey of loyalty. Your employees can be your most effective brand advocates.

10 Tips for Generating Repeat Business

1. Make sure that every one of your front line associates is capable of making a good first impression. Positive or negative opinions are formed within the first 10 seconds. You never have a second opportunity to make a warm and welcoming first impression. Read More→