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Please ReTweet, Link and Comment on This Post — So Says HubSpot

HubSpot logoIf you don’t subscribe to HubSpot’s newsletter and blog, I highly recommend that you do. This inbound marketing agency consistently conducts research into social media usage which I often quote in my posts. They are very generous in allowing you to download their reports.

This week Dan Zarrella, who is their Social Media Scientist, published a study with an infographic that shows how adding simple calls-to-action, such as Please ReTweet, Comment and Link, can increase how many you get. For example, asking someone to Please ReTweet instead of just Please RT increases your retweets by 10 percent. Words do matter.

Zarrella is able to plumb these juicy tidbits from HubSpot’s huge database of information. The following graphs are copied from his report.

Blog Calls-to-Action

Zarrella studied the words Comment, Link and Share from a database of 50,000 blogs. Blogs that used those words tended to get more Comments, Links and Shares. This is important to bloggers who crave getting comments from their readers. Read More→

The Science of Blogging: A Killer Activity to Get You Traffic

[tweetmeme]If you want to get the real lowdown on the importance of blogging, the key words that will make people RT your blogs, and blogging best practices, then I suggest you view the slide presentation at the end of this post.

I was fortunate to participate in the HubSpot webinar earlier this month at which social media scientist Dan Zarrella presented the findings of his scientific study of thousands of Internet users.

The results are fascinating

I won’t summarize the entire presentation – you can learn more by going through the slides (click on “The Science of Blogging” if you want a larger view).

But here are some quick nuggets I’ll share with you:

  • To drive traffic to your site, blog on a regular basis, do guest blogging on authority sites, and get comments.  Readers comment when there is something in it for them.
  • Sex and positive points of view sell.
  • Videos in your blogs get links; photos get comments.
  • Most viewed words are insight and analysis: people want to read your unique point of view.  Least viewed words are franchise, episode, futures.
  • By far, the most commented word is “giveaway.” Stay away from overly technical jargon.  Write simply and plainly and use good grammar.
  • Timing: Blogs get the most views at 11 a.m., most comments between 8-9 a.m., most retweets at 4 p.m.
  • Post early in the week for views and links and on the weekend for comments.

If you want to learn the 20 most reTweetable words, and the 20 least reTweetable words plus a lot of other helpful information for bloggers, then delve into the presentation.

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