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How Should Companies Reward Their Employees?

How to reward valued employees is a complex undertaking. Some companies feel that a mere well-timed “thank you” is sufficient. Others will equate reward to compensation.

Still others think that simply working for the leader in the industry is sufficient and they don’t have to address discontent.

After all, what do employees have to complain about? The discontent will go away. But it won’t. Read More→

How Do You Reward Your Employees Who Serve as Brand Ambassadors?

empower employees as brand ambassadors

In my witch’s hat at left.

At a Halloween breakfast of the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island, (PRPLI) I led a lively discussion about how an organization can reward its brand ambassadors.

As my loyal readers know, I’m a champion of companies’ inviting their employees to serve as advocates for the  brand on their personal social network accounts. Read More→