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Don’t Wait to be a Hero: If You Have Something to Give, Give it Now

[tweetmeme]Mark Bezos is SVP, Communications and Development, for the nonprofit Robin Hood Foundation and also a volunteer fireman in his home town. It was in this latter capacity that he spoke at a recent TED conference about his experience in putting out a fire that taught him, “don’t wait to be a hero.” He was referring to the individual acts of kindness that mean so much to each of us. What struck home for me was his final comment, “if you have something to give, give it now.”

Not too long ago Pam, a friend who is also a member of a peer group I belong to, was entering an apartment building when someone walking just ahead of her fell and injured herself. By coincidence the woman who fell is also a friend of mine and Shoya told me this story: Pam refused to leave until the ambulance arrived. Then she rode with Shoya to the hospital and stayed with her for seven hours in the emergency room until she was admitted to the hospital. This, for a perfect stranger. So, hats off to people like Mark and Pam who are true, unsung heroes.