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Topic clusters to meet customer needs

Use Topic Clusters to Boost Your SERPs

As search engines become more sophisticated in serving up results — called SERPs (search engine results pages) — they are looking beyond keywords and rewarding websites that use topic clusters. These are pillar topics with a clusters of subtopics relating to the core topics.

In crawling your site Google and other engines will view you as an authority if they detect these clusters. That’s assuming, of course, that the content is original, well written and adds value for your readers. Read More→

Buffer is losing traffic so what hope is there for other businesses. It makes ou want to cry.

Wow! Even Buffer is Losing Traffic From Social Media

Buffer, the service that distributes your content to social media networks to help drive traffic to your website, recently revealed that it had lost nearly half its traffic from social media over the course of 12 months.

Why is this shocking? Because if Buffer can’t attract visitors — and that’s their sole business focus — what hope is there for the rest of us whose blogs and websites are competing for readers and customers? It’s enough to make you cry. Read More→

Has Google Killed Organic Traffic?

Google organic traffic hummingbird

Is organic traffic important to you?

Seems counter-intuitive to write that but it’s been the subject of chatter among the social media literati since Google’s “hummingbird” update late in 2013. It’s no doubt harder to get traffic than when I started blogging five years ago.

But consider this: on Friday I had more visitors to my blog than ever before. This past week was the first week in five years that I didn’t publish a blog post (family emergency). Go figure. Read More→

Keyword Tools for Blogs and Websites: Wordtracker and SEMrush

Worktracker key word toolIf you’re a long-time blogger, as I am, you will be familiar with Wordtrackerthat enabled you to search Google keywords from right within your WordPress dashboard. The developer did away the free tool a couple of years ago. I’m glad to report that it’s back in both a free and paid version. (Thanks to Traffic Generation Cafe for these tips).

First, I’ll tell you about Wordtracker and then a tool I wasn’t familiar with, SEMrush, that does many of the same things as Wordtracker. Read More→