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Why Google+ is Essential for Your Brand’s Visibility

"Google+ is good for business"

Emma Fox

Call it sucking up to big G or moving with the times, but the Google+ boat is one you shouldn’t be missing!

You may be aware of pros (growing user base) and cons (deriding their usage) from SEO experts but the overall trajectory is steady upward growth.

On the one-year anniversary of Google +, the company reported:

  •  250 million accounts have upgraded to or signed up for a Google+ account
  •  150 million accounts are active every month
  •  50% of its users sign in every day
  •  On average, 12 minutes a day are spent in the Google+ stream

While Google+ is not yet as big in terms of users as Facebook and Twitter, Google is throwing its full weight behind it. Read More→

Optimizing Your Title Tag for Search Engines

The title tag is the most important element of your blog or website. My blogging coach Bea Fields just recorded a tutorial about optimizing the title tag for her Become a Blogging Maniac course. It’s at the bottom of this post.

Your title tag must contain key words that describe your business. A descriptive, keyword-laden title tag is essential for increasing rankings in search engines.

The title tag appears at the very top of a blog or website and is usually overlooked by visitors — but not by Google or other search engines.  Search engines will “bold” (or highlight) those terms in the search results when a user searches for those terms.

Here is a screen shot of the title tag of SEOmoz.  I don’t need to tell you what they do. Below the screen shot is the video. Take the 5 minutes or so to view it and learn how to write a powerful title tag.



Why Companies Abandon Their Blogs and What To Do About It

I was in a new business meeting the other day and suggested that starting a company blog had the potential to increase visitors to the company’s website. We all know (don’t we?) that Google rewards dynamic content so posting regularly will eventually boost your rankings.

Why Blogs are Abandoned

The designer I was with said “Oh, no” that won’t work. I couldn’t blame him. He had designed websites and blogs for a number of clients and within a short time the blogs had been abandoned.

It’s a commitment to write a weekly or twice-weekly blog. Who will write the blog – someone inside the company or will we outsource it? What will we write about? Where will our ideas come from?

These are legitimate questions, but I believe it is a lack of will and commitment from top management that is behind the failures.There isn’t a plan in place to keep the blog going and building momentum.

Tips for Bloggers

So, if you, or your company, have abandoned your blog here are some steps to take: Read More→

Inbound Marketing – Hitting the Online Jackpot

Is paid advertising dead? To hear the experts, it’s certainly on life support. Inbound marketing is all the rage.

HubSpot is credited with coining the term inbound marketing and the company makes its living by selling services to help companies figure out ways to get customers to come to them instead of the other way around. HubSpot describes it in this diagram:

It’s true that consumers are tuning out paid advertising and more often finding you by searching the web – your blog, through your participation on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and now Google+. Those of us who write blogs are continually fretting over key words and SEO. We distribute our content to a wide range of social media networks. Build it, promote it, and they will come. Or, maybe not.

Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Thing is the companies that are reaping the rewards of inbound marketing are spending millions on inbound marketing campaigns. They run sneaky display ads to get you to their Facebook pages and corner the market for keywords by bidding up the prices of Google ads that will get you to visit their sites. More power to them.

So the notion of inbound marketing being “free” is a misnomer. Of the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, many thousands never receive a visitor or get a comment. A lot of marketers are sitting around still waiting for their first visitor.

Going Offline

I may be in the minority. But going offline has me intrigued. You remember offline don’t you? That involves calling a prospect on the phone and making an appointment to discuss your business in person. Two live people in an office talking to each other. How novel!

I’m being a little facetious, I know, so please forgive me. But it’s important to re-evaluate how we communicate with our customers and how we sell to them. There are too many social media “gurus” out there who are selling programs that promise to “monetize” your blog. Take their advice and rake in the money from products and services you sell directly to consumers. Web searches will lead them to you like the Pied Piper.

What Works For You

Can we all take a breath for a minute and think, really think, about how we’re going to build our business? Inbound marketing is great and growing but it’s not the whole story. I have a friend whose husband is a lawyer with a special niche. She spends $100 a month for a local Google ad that’s always at the top of the page and that’s how he gets all his leads. Paid advertising.

Some people do make a nice living monetizing their blogs. But others use their blogs as brand builders and as portfolios of their work.

Find what works for you. Don’t be embarrassed just because you found your newest customer next to you in line at the movies or in an elevator leaving a networking meeting, like I did.