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Refresh your social media accounts

Have You Refreshed Your Social Media Accounts Lately?

How long have you had your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts? Probably more than a few years. In social media time, these social networks are entering middle age. LinkedIn is 12 years old (practically ancient), Facebook launched in 2004, and Twitter in 2006.

Have you refreshed the descriptions, content and images in your social media accounts lately?

It’s off putting when you go to someone’s account on Twitter, for example, and see a couple of tweets and then nothing. Or there is a big fat egg where the person’s image should be. Read More→

Social media networks

Did Someone In Your Company Force You To Read This Blog?

Are you here because you want to be or because someone in your company forced you to “get with it” on social media?

Over time I’ve had conversations with several business executives and been surprised (actually more shocked than surprised) to learn that they were closet social media illiterates.

Social Media Is Here to Stay

Before you decide to move on to another site, be warned: social media is here to stay and you owe it to your business to learn how it could produce results for your business.

Here are several of the excuses I’ve heard: Read More→

Is Social Media Being Oversold?

Social media is not the jackpotThat may seem like a strange question coming from a blogger and active participant in social media. More companies are embracing social media, but, in my opinion, too many are treating social media like the jackpot that will make them rich. The social media landscape is changing and I believe 2014 will see a shift in how marketers promote their brands.


It’s been obvious for the past year that the major social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are cutting back on their free benefits and pushing users toward paid advertising, or premium memberships, e.g. LinkedIn, as Social Media Examiner said in its 2014 predictions. Read More→

Selling Something? 78% of Shoppers Research and Buy Online

social media networksIf you’ve never bought anything online, you’re becoming a rarity. Online shopping is booming, with 78% of shoppers researching and buying products and services online.

The infographic at the end of this post gives more facts and figures for social media in 2013.

Are You Using the Right Social Networks?

Who is the audience for your business? With shoppers relying on the Internet for information about their purchases, you’ve got to connect with them on the social media networks where they spend their time.

Are you selling to men or women? Older or younger? How important is household income? Income isn’t as important if you’re selling soap – consumers need commodities no matter age, gender or income. Income matters a lot if you’re selling a top-of-the-line Mercedes or a professional service.

Who’s Searching Where?

From this infographic and other sources, we learn that the demographics of the major networks are quite different: Read More→