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Digital Media Survey Discloses Journalists Want More Images and Videos

There is a disconnect between the content that journalists and bloggers want and companies are giving them, according to a survey by PRESSfeed, advisers on social media newsrooms.

The survey of 130 PR professionals, an unspecified number of journalists, and an analysis of 300 corporate news rooms disclosed that:

  • 45% of PR people surveyed said visual elements of a news story are not important at all to journalists. 39% said they felt it was not necessary to add images, videos or graphics to a news release. 80% of journalists polled say it is important or very important to have access to photos and visual images.
  • 76% of editors at media websites prefer to receive their videos with an embed code so that is quick and easy to post the video on the site. Only 28%  of corporate news rooms offer embed codes with visuals.
  • Only 14% of 500 press releases recently posted on four PR wire services were optimized for search engines.

The survey cited the Pew State of the News Media 2012 Report that search was the one factor that most impacted the news media in the last decade. 98% of journalists start a story by doing an online search of the topic they’ve been assigned to write about.

This isn’t surprising to me as a blogger. Finding background information before the Internet was so much more difficult when I was a reporter for a business publication. How fortunate we are today to be able to source whatever we need from the web.

As a member of the blogging community that many companies are targeting, I was quite surprised at these findings. I use embed code all the time from YouTube and SlideShare. I wonder why companies don’t feel it’s necessary to offer embed code in their social newsrooms. Do you have any idea why they don’t?

There are many other nuggets of useful information in this study, which you can find in the slide show below and in the PDF file that summarizes the study results in narrative form. PRESSfeed-2012-Online-Newsroom-Survey