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Now You Can Create Perfect Posts for Social Media

Did you know that the optimum time for publishing a blog post is 11 am and the worst is 6 am? That’s one of the statistics the folks at UK-based myclever agency, a social media consultancy, use in their infographic about how to create perfect posts on social media platforms.

I usually publish my posts at 6 am Eastern Time — bad timing in the U.S. but great timing in the UK — so I hope the clever folks at myclever agency will enjoy all my future posts. From a variety of sources, they’ve gathered best practices for posting content on social media networks. Some themes common to all the networks: Read More→

Earned, owned, paid. social media

Maybe Social Media Isn’t the Way to Promote Your Business

Social media and organic traffic has become the sales funnel of choice for many businesses. Everybody (almost) is in love with social media. Way to go!

The Forgotten Channels

Yet you might attract more customers to your business if you adopted the use of the traditional channels of Earned, Owned and Paid media. (Thanks to Business Wire for the graphic above).

The Internet has spawned a whole new vocabulary. When I was starting out there was advertising and public relations. You paid for advertising and public relations — or publicity — was free (of course, it’s never free because a company has to pay people to generate PR). Read More→

NBC Brian Williams suspension

Social Media as a Tool for Character Assassination

The social media witch-hunt that was largely responsible for NBC News suspending news anchor Brian Williams for six months was a scary thing to behold.

NBC management simply couldn’t withstand the mob at the gate. Instead of fighting back they took away the raw meat to calm the attackers. If Williams couldn’t survive, could you if someone clubbed you on social media?

No Time, No Time at All

Williams was caught in a lie, which he admitted and then he apologized. But the network didn’t have the luxury of conducting a thoughtful investigation Read More→

Wefollow prominent people on Twitter

Are You “Prominent” on Social Media?

I joined wefollow a long time ago when the service was only tracking members on Twitter and assigning them a ranking by prominence, based on the interests they indicated in their profile.

The founders started its Twitter directory in 2009 and, wefollow has since grown into a community of over 1.3 million users. Read More→